Adoption Policy and Information

To adopt a guinea pig from our organization you must live in the Washington DC, Northern Virginia, or Maryland area.  Please contact us for more information.

If you want to see what guinea pigs are available from local area shelters, click here for more information.

  1. Before applying, review the page about appropriate CAGES (click here) . It is very important to us that your guinea pig has a proper size cage!
  2. We do NOT SHIP guinea pigs. You must live in the District of Columbia, Pennslyvania, Maryland, or Virginia to be considered for adoption. MGPR reserves the right to decide which areas of these states are close enough for adoption to be considered. You must be able to come to us for the adoption.
  3. We do NOT ADOPT to minors. Heads-of-household only can apply to adopt. Please do not apply to adopt if you are a minor living with your parents.
  4. We do NOT ADOPT to people who have other pets living outdoors (with the exception of horses and other farm animals).
  5. Review important guinea pig DIET information: What to Feed Your Guinea Pig.
  6. We have a "pairs policy". If you own a guinea pig, we are happy to help you find a compatible friend amongst ours. If you don't own a guinea pig, you may adopt a bonded pair or create a pair from our single guinea pigs. When you don't already own a guinea pig, we highly recommend adopting one of our bonded pairs - that way you know you have a pair that gets along, and won't run the risk of them not getting along once you get them home.

For for information on how the adoption process and what to expect, read our adoption process page

Fostering Information

Have you ever wanted to personally get involved in the rescue of guinea pigs? We are always in need of good, loving homes to temporarily house guinea pigs until they are adopted.

As a foster parent, you are responsible for:

  • Daily care of your foster, including socialization through lap time and other direct interaction
  • Weighing your foster weekly and reporting the weight to MGPR (MGPR provides the scale)
  • Attending our adoption meets, which we hold once per month. If your foster is adopted, MGPR would send you home with another guinea pig to foster, and if not, MGPR typically has you take your foster home again until the next meet
  • Monitoring your foster and reporting any signs of illness or abnormal behavior
  • Getting board approval before taking your foster to the vet
  • Getting board approval before committing or accepting anything on behalf of MGPR. Do not take in or commit MGPR to taking in unwanted and/or sick guinea pigs
  • Notifying the MGPR board if you are no longer able to foster and arranging transport to return your foster to MGPR (the board will inform you where you need to transport your foster and to who to hand over your foster)

MGPR pays for all vet care your foster pig(s). We even provide the cage! If you have guinea pigs of your own, you can purchase bedding and food supplies from us at our cost.