Meet Our Guinea Pig(s) of the Month


My name is Tikka. I'm a gentle soul, calm, beautiful, a total love and extremely sweet. I'm not bragging - this is what my foster mom tells me :) I'm shy at first but that's partly because I am living by myself now as my best guinea pig friend recently passed away before I came to MGPR, so I'm missing them. I'll come out of my shell most when I have a special new friend with whom to share my life and veges. I respond to my name and I am calm when sitting on laps. My foster mom tells me I'm a guinea pig with all the checkmarks. I think that must be a good thing! Hope to meet you soon!

Please note that MGPR has a "pairs" policy. If you do not have a guinea pig, we recommend adopting one of our bonded pairs but you have the option to create a pair from our single guinea pigs. If you own a guinea pig already, we can help pair your guinea pig with one of our single guinea pigs. For more information, see our adoption process page.