Meet Our Guinea Pig(s) of the Month

Mercury& Stutz

Well things didn't turn out quite like the rescue thought they would with us. We had been surrendered in a very large herd and standard protocol is to separate the males into single cages at the shelter we went to. So MGPR ended up with a few of us. To begin with we were in separate areas in the foster home but after some other pigs moved on we were put in a split cage. It was immediately apparent to our foster mom that we were buddies. We were totally gleeful to be near each other. It's very rare for MGPR to put boys together that were not in the same cage at the shelter. So our foster mom needed a second opinion. She transferred us to another home still in a split cage and that mom saw our deep affection for each other too. So here we are back together again and ready for a true forever home. We do have one small issue. I (Mercury) have soft poos. My behind needs to be checked every few days to be sure things are "moving" right. So we will be happiest on bedding not fleece.

Please note that MGPR has a "pairs" policy. If you do not have a guinea pig, we recommend adopting one of our bonded pairs but you have the option to create a pair from our single guinea pigs. If you own a guinea pig already, we can help pair your guinea pig with one of our single guinea pigs. For more information, see our adoption process page.