Meet Our Guinea Pig(s) of the Month

After Pie

What do you think about my name? It was created by a Neutral Network Generator. A cool lady named Janelle Shane created them for the Portland Guinea Pig Rescue but they said we could use them. I don't really understand what a neutral Network is but I like my name just fine. Anyway if you would like to adopt me for your guinea pig or one of ours I'd be happy to meet you.

I am a sweet and gentle big girl that loves a good scratch. My foster mum secretly calls me Oreo Pie because I am the perfect blend of black and white. Not only do I have a half white and half black body, my fancy front paws are one white and one black as well. Even my whiskers are black on the left side and white on the right, I am so unique and have the glossiest fur as well! I am a very good eater and never nip or bite but wait patiently for my food. I do love my treats and will come to the side of the cage to get them. I also love chilling under my fleece forest and munching on hay all day.

Please note that MGPR has a "pairs" policy. If you do not have a guinea pig, we recommend adopting one of our bonded pairs but you have the option to create a pair from our single guinea pigs. If you own a guinea pig already, we can help pair your guinea pig with one of our single guinea pigs. For more information, see our adoption process page.