• For Your Furry Kids Soft Goods

    Posted 02/19/2012, Last updated 04/27/2013

    If you've attended an MGPR event, you may know all about the awesome soft goods (bonding pouches, lap pads, etc) that you can buy for your pet from For Your Furry Kids. For Your Furry Kids is now online. Visit . You also can follow on Facebook here.

    For Your Furry Kids sells top quality soft goods made to spoil your furry kids. Machine washable and dryer safe products for all animals. The goods are made by an MGPR volunteer who donates all profits to MGPR.

  • Adopt a Shelter

    Posted 02/19/2012, Last updated 02/19/2012

    MGPR at

    MGPR now partners with When you register and shop online at selected adoptashelter retailers, MGPR receives 100% of the commission receives from a purchase made.

    Shopping through is exactly the same as going to the merchant directly – prices, customer service and discounts are all the same.


  • Guinea-Pig-a-Thon at World of Pets Expo

    On January 31, 2016, MGPR will host a Guinea-Pig-a-Thon at World of Pets Expo.

    We hope you'll join us for our annual Guinea-Pig-a-Thon on January 31, 2016 at the Maryland State Fairgrounds Cow Palace in BOOTH 914. You and your guinea pigs will enjoy a full day of scheduled events including games, contests, door prizes, seminars, and more. See our schedule of events below. If you don't see something, toss us an email with the header "Guinea Pig a Thon" at Hope to see you there with your guinea pig(s)!

    Please note. MGPR will not have guinea pigs available for adoption at the event but will supply information on how you can adopt and will answer any questions you may have about guinea pigs.

    For general information about World of Pets Expo, see the World of Pets Expo website

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    Attention Guinea Pig-a-Thon Attendees! We are looking forward to seeing everyone who comes out with their pigs on Sunday and because we want everyone to be safe and have a good time we have some suggestions to offer before you come out:

    Safety Tips!
    • Pigs should come in an appropriate carrier, it is for their safety as there are a LOT of other animals there as well as hundreds of people and a lot of noise. The pigs will be happiest with a safe place to hide and get away from it all.
    • Keep in mind that although we’re having a mild winter it is still cold out and the pigs should have towels or some other warm things to burrow in for the walk from the car to the building. During peak hours of the Expo you can have a very, very long walk before getting in out of the weather.
    • Your pigs should have hay to munch on through the day and plenty of wet veggies such as leaf lettuces and cucumbers to keep them hydrated. Put the veggies in a plastic bag with wet paper towels to keep them fresh.
    • If you’re using blankets/towels or fleece to line your cage they will get very wet in just a few hours, please bring them at least one dry change of things and a plastic bag to carry home the wet laundry.
    An event like this can be lots of fun and a great learning experience, just keep in mind it is stressful for the pigs and taking just a few precautions will help ensure everyone goes home with good memories of the day!

    World of Pets Expo is being held from January 29-31, 2016 but the Guinea-Pig-A-Thon will held ONLY on January 31, 2016 in BOOTH 914. MGPR will be hosting an education table (BOOTH 914) during World of Pets Expo on January 29th through January 31st, 2016.

    Schedule of Events (no pre-registration needed): Sunday, January 26, 2014
    Click here to download a flyer with full details
    10:00Bonding Guinea Pigs - Learn about bonding guinea pigs
    11:00Tell Us About Your Guinea Pig - Talk to MGPR about your guinea pig and learn more about caring for your guinea pig.
    12:00Costume Contest - See our flyer for the categories.
    1:00Fastest Eater Contest - Gobble, gobble gone. Is your guinea pig the fastest eater around?
    2:00Largest Guinea Pig Contest - We'll bring the scale to see whose guinea pig is the largest of all.
    3:00Coloring and activities session
    On-goingGuinea Pig Glamour Shots