Interested in Adopting?

If interested in fostering, click here to submit a fostering application.

If interested in adopting, please answer the following questions to apply to adopt a MGPR guinea pig. We try to ensure the best possible match between animal and adopter. Remember that this is a lifetime commitment. Before applying, keep in mind the following points:

  • Guinea pigs must be housed indoors only.
  • You are expected to provide the guinea pig with a large enough cage. Before applying, review the page about appropriate CAGES (click here) . It is very important to us that your guinea pig has a proper size cage!
  • Guinea pigs live an average of 5-8 years. We are looking for those special adopters who will make every effort possible to keep their companion for the entire life of the guinea pig despite lifestyle changes (divorce, moving, etc.)
  • Guinea pigs may not be adopted as gifts.
  • Guinea pigs are social animals and are happier in pairs. Therefore, we do NOT adopt "single" guinea pigs unless specifically stated in the description.
  • If you already own a single guinea pig and want to adopt one of our guinea pigs as a companion, this is our speciality!! Mixed-sex pairs are recommended as this pairing generally works best.
  • Finding three or more guinea pigs that are compatible with one another can be difficult. For this reason we currently do not adopt out trios and we do not adopt out our single guinea pigs to live in a cage where 2 or more guinea pigs already live. We do not adopt out guinea pigs to live alone in a cage.
  • We will NOT adopt a guinea pig for the purposes of breeding.
  • We do NOT adopt guinea pigs to children. We do adopt guinea pigs to families. Parents must fill out this application and sign the adoption contract. Please do not have your children call or email. Applicants who under 18 yrs of age or who are living with parents must have a parent or legal guardian apply on their behalf.
  • MGPR is an all volunteer organization. Therefore, it may be 7 to 10 days until we contact you about your application. If you have not been contacted after 10 days of submitting your application, you may email us at for a status.

Fees as of Jan 1, 2019

  • $65 per neutered male guinea pig
  • $80 per spayed female guinea pig
  • $110 for bonded pairs (Pairs listed on the site together)
  • Unlike some other rescue groups, all of our guinea pigs are spayed/neutered and have been to a vet for a checkup prior to adoption. While the adoption fee helps to cover some of the vet costs, our expenses far exceed the adoption fees. Click Here to see why we feel that spaying/neutering our guinea pigs is so important. Not only does it control the guinea pig population, there are definite health benefits.
  • A contract must be signed at adoption time

Please understand that the guinea pigs available for adoption are all housed in foster homes. We do not have a shelter facility. We rely on the kindness of volunteers to care for and socialize our foster piggies. Sometimes, if a guinea pig has been fostered for a long period of time, a strong bond forms between the foster parent and the animal. The foster parent has the final determination in whether or not the animal will be relinquished into your custody.

We do not hold guinea pigs back from adoption. There's a chance that the guinea pig you're interested in will be adopted before you're invited to an adoption meet. Please understand that if you have a guinea pig and adopting a friend for him/her, it's ultimately up to your guinea pig as to whom you adopt. We would work with you to find a compatible friend of opposite sex. All of our guinea pigs are spayed or neutered so there is no chance of offspring with your guinea pig.

Adoption Application

The adoption application has limited space. Please fit your responses in the space provided. We will reach out to you if we need more detail.

If you have issues with submitting the application, email us at

Please complete the entire application as incomplete applications will NOT be accepted. We serve the Washington DC-MD-northern VA areas within 2 hour driving distance (one-way) from our adoption meet location. We will consider areas in other states if within a 2 hour driving distance (one-way) from our meet location. Our adoption meets are in central MD located between Baltimore, Washington, and Frederick County, MD. We reserve the right to decide whether you are within a reasonable driving distance.

NOTE: MGPR is a Virginia based organization and adopts only to those living in Washington DC-MD-northern VA and will consider areas in other states if within 2 hour driving distance (one-way) from Washington DC. MGPR reserves the right to decide which locations are too far from the organization's base for an applicant to be considered to adoption. You must be willing to make the drive to where we hold adoption meets in northern MD.

18 years or older:

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Your application will be reviewed by all MGPR volunteers. One of the volunteers will be assigned to your application and will reach out to you to guide you through the adoption process, which will involve answering additional questions.

If you have issues with submitting the application please fill out our paper form and email to