Guinea Pig Resources

To learn more about guinea pig care

  • Check out these books:
    • A Grown-up Guide to Guinea Pigs by Dale Sigler. This book has a lot of great information on caring for guinea pigs from an adult or teenager's point of view.
    • Animal Planet's Guinea Pigs book by Julie Mancini is also an excellent guide for owning guinea pigs. This book is more recent than the "Grown-up Guide" and has up-to-date information on guinea pig husbandry.

For a list of approved vets:

Please refer to our list of vets with whom we have had experience. All are knowledgeable and have expertise in caring for guinea pigs.
The vets listed below are MGPR Partners for their expertise in guinea pig care:

For information on recommended products:

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Did you know that guinea pigs poop a lot? Expect to clean the cage often.


Guinea pig do's and don'ts

Preparing for when you're guinea pig is sick.

Pet medications.