Surrendering a Guinea Pig

We DO NOT accept private owner giveups for any reason.

If you need to surrender a guinea pig that you previously adopted from Metropolitan Guinea Pig Rescue and his/her bonded friend (from MGPR or elsewhere), please disregard the remainder of this page and send us an email message ( We will get back to you as soon as possible. Otherwise, if you need to find another home for your guinea pig, there are two options:

Option 1: You can contact your local animal shelter to surrender your guinea pig. Note, however, that most area organizations are not "no kill" shelters--you should ask before turning an animal in.

Click here for a list of animal shelters 

Option 2: You can try to adopt the animal out yourself. Below are some suggested ways to get the word out that you have an available animal.

If you can possibly take pictures and put them online for people to link to, that helps immensely since there are quite a few guinea pigs needing new homes in our area. Here are some online resources for you to post about your pig. Remember that the more you say about age, color, how friendly, sex, what they looks like, what equipment you'll provide, etc., the better your chances. People who follow up and do this DO find homes--it takes some effort and patience.

When advertising your pet, do some screening to make sure that it is going to a good home. If you simply give away your guinea pig to the first person to respond to your post, it may become snake food.

  1. Guinea Pig Adoption Network (GPAN) : Read other posts first to get a good idea. The better you write it, the more you might get a response. If you are willing to do any transport, please say that. This is a wonderful way to advertise your piggie. You will be surprised at how quickly someone may take them. They are all guinea pig lovers looking on this board.
  2. Petfinder : Personal pets can no longer be posted but there are some helpful tips on re-homing your pet.
  3. Online forums to post information:
    • Guinea Pig Lynx : Go to Cavy Placement. You have to register to be able to post.
  4. You can request to post an ad at any of the offices of the veterinarians listed here